Therapy Thursday: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

First off, a very Happy Birthday to my mom!

With only three weeks of therapy this month, I immediately started out with Christmas! Most students learned about Christmas vocabulary through David Shannon's The Amazing Christmas Extravaganza
and then searched for cards with Christmas: Write and Say the Room! Here are two students engaging both sides of their brains while searching high and low for /s/ and /l/ cards. They start out with the obvious:
 Start looking behind things:
 And eventually even look very low!
My younger students and Life Skills read Clifford's First Christmas.
We made some flat gingerbread houses from an oldie but goodie book, Book Cooks:

And worked on requesting with paint dotters to decorate this tree:
And worked on yes/no and same different with the Colors of Christmas book. Next week, Santa is Coming to Texas!

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