Friday Favorites from All Y'all Need: Jan. 17

From Amy:
#1:   Our book club book this month:
I'm in a book club with several current or former school employees.   Each month, a member is responsible for picking the book.    I was excited to see John Grisham's latest book was our January selection!    In true Grisham-style, you do not want to put the book down!

#2:   John Grisham's very cool friend:
In 2009, Lisa and I kind of chased/stalked John Grisham around at the National Book Festival in Washington DC.    The gentleman to the right of Mr. Grisham is Dr. James Billington, my hero.   
Dr. Billington became the Librarian of Congress in 1987.   You can read more about the coolest librarian ever right here: Dr. James Billington

#3:    More entertainment from the charming Garth Brooks
I have so been enjoying my Christmas present!   I haven't made it through all the CDs and DVDs yet, but I am loving the cover tunes!    I have been listening to Garth since the early 1990's.   He simply does not disappoint.     I have seen him in concert five times and cannot wait for his new 3-year tour.

From Laura:
#1 - Painting with a Twist
I am so far from being any kind of artist, but a friend and I decided to try our hands at a cracked monogram. So much fun! It might not win any awards, but it looks fine in my living room, and I want to go back!

#2 - Keurig. My parents got my daughter a Keurig for Christmas. For her dorm room, which is 2 1/2 years off. And since Keurigs go bad if you don't use them - I'm sure I heard that somewhere, probably the Internet - we plugged it in and have become a family of morning coffee drinkers and afternoon/evening hot chocolate drinkers.

#3 - Papa Murphy's opened up a couple of blocks away. It will be our standing Friday dinner for a while - Mediterranean Herb Chicken and either cheese or pepperoni. Plus an extra punch for calling in my order!

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