Thursday Therapy: Winter Week

2014 has started off fast and furious! My district got lucky with a CFY hire. She graduated in December and hit the ground running on Jan. 6! We've been doing a couple of weeks of winter while she learns all the processes involved in working in schools. Here's a sample of the past two weeks:
Life Skills students made super easy snowflakes and worked on following directions and requesting. This project involves small paper plates - I used silver, but blue, pink or red would also work - with a hole punch at the top. Then, I just used glue to make a line with an X, and students requested Honeycomb cereal. Frosted Cheerios would also work nicely. Fluffy white yarn is used for the hanger. On the back of the plate, I wrote a quick note about speech for parents.

The Mitten by Jan Brett is one of my favorite winter books because of the story, illustrations, predicting, sequencing, etc. In the bottom right is an example of a file folder activity that goes with the book. Several years ago, I was really into Boardmaker. This particular folder focuses on Function with the prompt on the left side - What do we use wool for? The pictures on the right are Velcroed on, so I take them off and pass them out to the group, and the students have to work together to match everything up. Then, we move up to three pictures with categories and describing and five pictures with sentences. I use these for Functional Academics and Kg-2nd grades.

The middle right picture shows a few winter pictures from Write and Say the Room. Winter cards with artic sounds are hung all over the room, and students use clipboards to move around and complete their recording sheets. Presto! Speech homework is done!

Thanks for taking a look, and I hope you are staying warm!

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