Thursday Therapy: MLK Week

This week was a little crazy. Monday was an in-service day, and Friday was a snow day (which is why Thursday Therapy is appearing on Friday). In between, my groups did a lot of drill work with this Peace Month Roll & Cover {freebie} from our store, All Y'all Need.
Students practiced targets and then spun. Whatever number they landed on, that's the box they colored. I used this Super Duper spinner - with the sound off:
And of course, most of my older students pointed out they had numbers higher than what the spinner has. Once we got to that point, they spun again and we added up the points. They really liked pushing the button more than once. Easy and lots of targets, and perfect for a mixed-up week!

Here's a bonus Wild Wednesday story.
3rd grader: Where did you get that spinner? Because I like it, and I might want one.
Me: Super Duper.
3rd grader: Oh, that's out by where I live.
Me and my new CFY: *share look and smile*

Hope you're staying warm!

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