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We are happy to linking up with Kacey at DoodleBugs Teaching this week.
Do your kids have trouble with spatial concepts?
Like when I say, "Please, get behind me."  
They run to be in front of me or beside me.
Sadly, no one is behind me.
We are optimistic these activities will help the sweeties.
Yum!   We love cupcakes.
We can always use more practice.
Valentine Spatial Concepts
We are getting ready for Valentine's Day with the sweeties.
As you can see, the sweeties will be getting lots of practice.
We are teaching the sweeties about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
They are fascinated by anyone who has their very own holiday.
I mean to a 6-year-old sweetie the very idea of having your own holiday is awesome!
We will continue to learn why we honor Dr. King next week.
The sweeties love to perform.
So, this is a perfect way to learn about Dr. King.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Informational Bundle
This includes the Fact and Opinion set plus the Informative Reader's Theater!
Whoo to the hoo!
Both products for only $4.50.
I am finally reading my book,  Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography.
The book's tagline:  "Tired of memoirs that only tell you what really happened?"
I will admit that I have a hard time reading in the "choose your own adventure" fashion.
I am reading from page 1 to the end.
I know.   I hear you.   Boring.
Not boring.
Not boring at all.
Thank you, Dr. King.
Enjoy Monday if you have a holiday.

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