The Frenzied SLPs - Starting Monday!

SLPs - have you seen the Coming Soon posts on FB? The ones for The Frenzied SLPs?
 The Frenzied SLPs
Go ahead and like the page. I'll wait.

I am so honored to work with a group of SLPs dedicated to making your frenzied SLP life easier. Previously, this group was responsible for the FB frenzies. You know, the ones where you liked a FB page and got a freebie?

Times change, and we realized that there is a whole SLP life out there we weren't addressing. After lots of wonderful collaboration, we came up with an idea to make our hectic SLP lives easier for everyone.

Starting Monday, you will get to meet each of The Frenzied SLPs, one day at a time. Plus, each SLP is throwing in a helpful tip to get you going in A New Year!

By liking our FB page, you'll have access to links to all of the posts. Be sure to click Get Notifications so you won't miss anything! You can also follow each blog. I love Bloglovin' for the daily feeds.

Thanks for taking a look!

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