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Kacey at Doodlebugs Teaching hosts a weekly linky.
We love to join in.
Tuesday night my BFF and I went to the Eagles concert.
It was fabulous!
It is a miracle that we got to the venue.
I can get lost anywhere.
And my BFF is no better.
We tend to get lost more than the average person.
But we made it, sang along all night and did not want it to end.

On Wednesday, I received $4,000 worth of books for our school's literacy library!
The literacy library consists of paperback, leveled book sets for guided reading 
and books for students to take home.
The literacy library has been stagnant for the last two years, so it is exciting
to be getting new books for the sweeties.
Thursday was our Team Read party.
Last summer we started a summer reading program in our district for all students.
Students who made it to home base were invited to the party.
We had fun and are ready for our new Team Read members to
join us in August 2015.
I am so lucky that my dad is a talented magician.
So, he put on a magic show for the sweeties at the Team Read Party.
The kids loved it!
My mom volunteers at my school.
So you see her watching the magic show.
Here are some of the sweeties after the party.
First up was magic show.
Next, we frosted Rice Krispie treats with chocolate or vanilla frosting
Add a few rainbow sprinkles.
Then it was time for Bingo!
We played traditional bingo and blackout bingo.
The sweeties loaded up on prizes, too!

We have a long weekend.  
Then I have 4 days of school left.
4.....whoo hoo!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend,

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