Currently May with Farley

The Eagles.
Seeing them in concert later this month!
Don Henley is my fave, even though you are not supposed to have favorites.

Eat at Jacoby's where the food is beyond delicious.
You will not be sorry.

Bridal brunch tomorrow.
Gift is purchased.
Now, onto what to wear?
And will I remember everyone's name?

More reading.   So much for productivity.
Life of a librarian.

It is almost that time that teachers love to love.
Ok, you were thinking of summer.
Me, too.
But also there is a special "thankyou" event coming up on TpT.
I am sure I need to add to my wishlist.

Summer Yes
See y'all in Vegas!!!!

Summer Hope

Summer Dream
Alarms should not exist in summer.
That's all.

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Happy May!

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