What's in Your Cart Linky Teacher Appreciation 2015

Guess what?!? It's May - the month of BHSM, graduation, Mother's Day, end of school... and the Teacher Appreciation Sale at TpT! All Y'all Need is participating in the sale, and as always, linking up with Speech Room News for the What's In Your Cart? Linky!

For the sale, and for finishing out the school year, check out our Write and Say the Room: Animals and Biomes/Habitats. This unit is great for mixed groups because you can work on artic, language, and fluency with students! Plus, students write their own words on the recording sheet, which means ready-to-go homework!
 Write & Say the Room: Animals and Biomes/Habitats by All Y'all Need
If you are already thinking about next year but not sure what your assignment will be, take a look at Real World Language: Social Cues and Situations We Use Every Day. This packet helps literal thinkers learn social concepts in a hierarchy from context to sentence completion to sentences to jokes. And multiple choices are provided for different levels! This packet also includes a take-home sheet for students - and they fill it out, so it saves you some prep time! It's perfect for various grade levels!
 Real World Language by All Y'all Need
Of course, I need a few things, too. Schoolhouse Talk always has great products, and Spoiler Alert! looks like a ton of fun!
The Picnic Slam! game from Pam Dahm looks great for summer! All of her Slam! books are on my wishlist.
Mia McDaniel always has fun products, so I'm going to take advantage of the sale to get a leg up for next year with her Back to School Fun Pack.
Be sure to use the code THANKYOU at checkout for an additional discount! Happy shopping!

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