Another Organization Wallpaper for Desktops Freebie!

Last fall, my first Speech Freebie was a desktop wallpaper designed to help you out! I absolutely loved it and used it ALL school year! I needed a change of scenery, so my 17-year-old daughter helped design a summery wallpaper.
My daughter (R) and I love blues and greens, and we have a lot of the navy/mint combos in our closets. I thought the mint green would be perfect for summer - mint chocolate chip ice cream, anyone? - and the navy border just happened. R put in a contrasting color for the background, added a texture, and chose the font. I probably would have gone with a white or gray background, but R said it was boring. I think she did great!

To get your own Organization Wallpaper for Desktops {Freebie}, head over to All Y'all Need to download. To install it on your computer desktop, keep reading.
* In Windows, find your screen's resolution. Click on the Start Button, Control Panel, and Display. This should show your screen's resolution. Mine is 1366 x 768. Now, go to the downloaded file of organizers and choose the one that best matches your resolution. Right-click on the picture, and there will be a pop-up menu. One of the choices is "Set Picture as Background". Click and voila!

NOTE: The organizer was blurry on my laptop. I ended up using the 1920 x 1080 resolution, even though that did not match my screen's resolution, because it was clearer.

* For Mac, go to Finder, System Preferences, and Displays. The display button will show the resolution. Mine is 1680 x 1040. I installed that organizer with no blurriness. Hold down Control while clicking on the picture. A menu will pop up that gives you the option to use the picture as the background. Just select that option.

Once the picture is installed, just move your icons into the appropriate box. Current Projects contains what I'm working on but won't keep on the desktop. This box usually contains FIE's and IEP notes. Once I'm finished with those, they get filed into the appropriate Documents file off the desktop. I like to call it - are you ready for this? - virtual crumpling. Because I have a NEED to cross things off my list and dump them elsewhere. It's a sickness.

Most Used is pretty obvious. Anything I always use - FIE templates, processing forms, etc., gets a special spot in this box.

Other - because there's always an other. This contains my technology stuff that the staff likes to have access to when they are working on my computer. More importantly, it holds the TpT products that I've bought and need to make. Once I make them, they get stored off the desktop in Documents. Are you sensing a pattern?

I hope this makes your life easier! Thanks for taking a look.

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