TpT Seller Challenge: Week Two

We are loving the Week 2 TpT Seller Challenge.
Dare to Dream!

So, my dream big is easy.   
I dare to dream that TpT helps with my retirement savings.
I am not ready to retire.   At all.
But we all know how pitiful teacher retirement is.
I would love to have a little freedom from a required second job after I retire.
I enjoy putting some money away for the day I am not getting a regular paycheck.

Laura's big dream involves transformation from Chip and Joanna Gaines.
You know them, right?
From the HGTV Show "Fixer Upper".
Chip and Joanna are close by in Waco, Texas.
And Laura would love to pay Chip and Joanna to travel a little further south 
and redo her home.
Dare to dream part 2!

And Lisa says she would like to pay off her car.
When did cars get soooooooooo expensive?
Lisa would love to pay off her car and have more fun money.
Lisa's fun stash could be her travel fund.
Or her shopping fund.
Lisa is a fantastic shopper with dynamite taste.

So, those are our dare to dream statements.
What about you?
Read more from the hostesses of TpT Seller Challenge.
And look forward to TpT Seller Challenge Week 3!

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