TpT Seller Challenge Summer 2015

I signed us up for the TpT Seller Challenge one week ago.
Makeover Madness, Challenge One, is what I am talking about today.
The instructions were to pick one product that needed a facelift.

I did not pick it because the cover needed an update.
I selected this unit because it was two years old.
But the sales did not reflect that little detail.
And once I opened up the folder....oh dear.
Houston, we definitely have a problem.
The whole product literally screamed out loud, "Me, me, pick me!  Pick me!"

change number one:
The fonts were a problem.
Y'all know I simply adore fonts.
I adore KG Fonts, Cara Carroll's fonts, fonts from Graphics from the Pond, Rowdy Fonts.
I chose from the solid selections created by Jen Jones.
I picked Hello Best Day.

change number two:
The old product was great if you had an unlimited amount of ink.
Unlimited ink is not a reality for most of us.

change number 3:
One activity did not really fit.
It got deleted.
Moving on.

change number 4:
The sweeties love to graph info, especially if taste testing is involved.
Now, there is a What is Your Favorite Fruit? graphing activity.
Plus a What is Your Favorite Vegetable? graphing activity.
There are tally mark and bar graph versions for both.

change number 5:
The original product was not sharp-looking.
I was distracted looking at the product with the busy borders, competing fonts 
and mix-matched graphics.
All of the things that bothered went bye-bye.

Before preview in 2013:

After the 5 changes above, check out the After preview of 2015.
Join up with the following blogging organizers of TpT Seller Challenge.
They are fantastic!
Yes, she is a Texan, too!

Off to get ready for Challenge #2.

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