COSF Form for Frenzied SLPs

Update later on 8/24: COSF is all the rage in my area. If you do COSF, keep reading. If you don't, be sure to look at the links below for more great info about data collection!

Welcome to another linky to help make your frenzied SLP life a little easier!
Data collection for me was made easier with this idea for using mailing labels from Queen's Speech. So go there and get some great ideas.
WAIT!!!! Don't stop reading! I still have a freebie for you!
I always forget to transfer my data to COSF forms.
You know, Child Outcome Summary Forms.
The bane of my existence.
Because first of all, I don't think anyone actually looks at them.
And second, all the info is in the IEP and evaluation. Why am I double reporting?
Because my director tells me to and is not shy about calling me up in the summer - when I'm off contract and she isn't - to tell me to get 'em done.
Not that that's happened, but it could.
The freebie form I have for you is what I'm keeping forefront and center, right on the bulletin board, to help me remember this year.
And it comes in B&W or a fun color version. With credits to Creative Clips and KG Fonts.
Because they make all things prettier.
And if it's prettier, I'll use it.
Happy tracking! And click on the links below to get more ideas and FREEBIES!

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