#2getherwearebetter August Edition

I have a love/hate relationship with bulletin boards. I am VERY OCD and VERY much a perfectionist when it comes to classroom decor. The pattern of the border has to be completely in sync with the previous piece and I can't do things that aren't centered.  Also, all of my borders in my classroom have to be overlapping the same way. It's bad y'all...... Needless to say, bulletin boards take me forever. But, I always love the outcome and the process is a little bit therapeutic. I just recently moved into my new classroom at my new school. Boy, I forgot how much work it is to start from scratch! I love decor! I could decorate from sun up until sun down. However, I want my classroom to be very engaging and purposeful as well. This year, I'm teaching Pre-K and I needed everything to be closer to the ground. So, I decided to take the best of both worlds; cute and functional. Here's my bulletin board/wall:

I'm excited that my alphabet/word wall will be more accessible to my kids. I used Classroom Posters from Curriculum Castle. I LOVE their posters! They incorporated photographs into their posters and they match my room perfectly. I'm very excited that my alphabet wall will be very interactive for my Pre-K kiddos. At the top, I used chalkboard silhouettes from Schoolgirl Style. Are they not the cutest?!?!?! I saw these silhouettes in Maria's Kinder Craze classroom and fell in love! They are so bright, happy, and inviting! Here is a close up of the sky border.

A sweet little friend made this kite for me the first year I taught. We are going to be at the same school this year and I knew I wanted to use it in my new classroom. :) The swirly chalkboard border is from Creative Teaching Press. I LOVE their chalkboard theme this year! I'm pretty sure I bought used every border from that line in my classroom. The chevron is from Carson Dellosa. It really ties my whole classroom together!

I know my bulletin board is technically a wall, but I just had to share the alphabet wall. It's my favorite part of my classroom and will have so many uses this year. :) Head on over to Ashley's blog and Angie's blog to check out more fabulous bulletin boards!

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