Becoming SLP Strong Together: The Best Thing I Learned This Summer

The Frenzied SLPs are excited to announce new discussions, twice a month, designed to help you share your ideas and become #SLPStrong! This week, we are talking about The Best Thing I Learned This Summer!
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I've gotta say, I've learned a few things this summer. How beautiful Colorado is, plus it's a great way to beat the Texas heat. How very painful kidney stones are (my hubby). The Gulf of Mexico is much more enjoyable without the stacks of stinky, dried-up seaweed that have been there for years.

But you want to know about #SLPStrong and what will help you.

Enter Bilinguistics.

They are right down the road from me in Austin. I've heard their staff present, and we've contracted out for evals. But until I spend two days with their staff getting CEUs this summer, I had no idea their website is such a valuable resource.

Free therapy and evaluation resources. Seriously, check out this section. It has sample lesson plans. TONS of stuff for bilingual learners. A goal bank in English and SPANISH.

I bet you probably know that in most states, Spanish is the most-used language after English. Do you know what your state's third language is? According to this map, it's probably a mix.
Although I could have given a good guess at French in Louisiana and German in a few of the midwest states, I did not know Vietnamese was used so much in Texas. And with our world becoming more global and my district close to a huge Army base, our SLP world is looking at evaluating and/or serving more languages.

So you can bet that I will keep Bilinguistics in my Favorites. Tons of information, easy access, a growing website - what's not to love? Be sure to check it out!

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