Viva Las Vegas! A TpT Conference Linky Party with Elementary Entourage!

You want to know more about Vegas week?
Here we go!
We were super sad that Laura could not join us as planned.
So, it is Amy writing this post.
Next year we are ALL going!   For sure!
Thank you Team TpT!
We met Karen for the first time.
I sort of yelled, "We love TpT!" to Amy and Adam at the Grand Luxe Cafe.
Adam remembered us when we chatted with him at the Happy Hour.   Wonder why?
We snagged Paul for a photo and a hug.  
We are Texas girls.   
We hug.  
Enough said.
And congratulations to Amy, the heart of TpT.
She has now been promoted to the Director of Seller Happiness.
Lisa and I were happy to see some of our friends from the blogging world.
Hope King of Elementary Shenanigans is adorable times 50!
Miss Kindergarten was wearing one of our All Y'All Need pins!   
Seriously?  Get out!
And it certainly looks like we crashed the Geswein family photo here.
Go and buy KG Fonts License now.
Thank you, Kimberly for adapting one of your fonts to 
IPA language for the SLPs out there!
What happens in Vegas is FUN!
Here we are playing in the Paul Fanatic Fun with 2 Brainy Apples
These girls were soooooooooo much fun all week!
And Courtney from Ramona Recommends is seriously one of our
favorite people on the planet!
Courtney knows books!
We had lunch with the peeps of A Spark of Inspiration.
They were all so sweet to invite us join their collaborative blog recently.
And y'all know we are simply crazy for Suz of Mrs. St John's Small Wonders, 
Dana of Common to the Core, Tracy, Michelle of Journey into TK
Stacy of Simpson's Superstars and the amazing Chris of Famous in First.
We were so happy to meet some of the educators and clip art artists we admire.
Miss Giraffe of Miss Giraffe's Class was so sweet!  We were so pleased to meet her.
Mr. Giraffe even took the photo!
And y'all know we are huge fans of Krista Wallden, right?
And she is gorgeous!
And Lisa, especially, has wanted to meet and thank Kindergarten Smiles forever!
So, Lisa spotted Caitlin Clabby first.
She is so talented.   We would love to be in her class.
We were pumped to meet Mrs. Third Grade.
She won our recent IG giveaway.
She was wearing the darling necklace from the giveaway!
I spotted the necklace right away when she took the time to 
introduce herself at the Blogger Meet Up.
It was not all work and no play.
We checked out the Bellagio Fountains for two hours.
A must see is "Viva, Las Vegas".
On Sunday, I drug Lisa to "Dancing with the Stars".
If you read this blog at all, you know I am obsessed with that show.
Lisa, not so much.
And our friend Kristen of Easy Teaching Tools was so sweet to invite us out
for a night of fun.   It all started with a party bus!
And I won a TpT gift card at the Blogger Meet up.
Winning in Vegas!
Y'all Texas really is the best!
Check out all of these wonderful ladies!
We pray for Amy's sweet family to be reunited soon.
I had the good luck to get to hang out with Farley of Oh Boy Fourth Grade 
at a couple of Texas meet ups.
I love to get the latest stories about her son Bub!
I am a big fan of Farley and her buddy Suzanne of Krazy Town.
We were lucky to meet Heather of Second Grade Swag early in the week.
And then we got to meet Ally of Loopin' Littles a little later in the week.
Can anyone say Texas meet up?
And the week would have been so boring without the Elementary Entourage girls.
They were sweet enough to invite us to part of their blog world.
We met some of them in Indiana over Spring Break.
We met more this week.
They each have a heart of gold.
We love our EE girls!
Thanks to our buddy Greg at The Kindergarten Smorgasboard
we were able to reflect about our #teachertakeaway.
It was a great ending to Vegas week for me.

Be sure to check out who else went to Vegas with the Elementary Entourage Linky!

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