What Is the First Teaching Blog You Ever Loved?

So, do you remember reading the first teacher blogs and thinking,
"Does this teacher really even exist?"

It was kind of like reading those perfect Christmas newsletters from the perfect family.
The ones where everyone in the family won a Pulitzer Prize,
earned their third Ph.D. and had perfectly white, straight teeth at birth.
Oh, and they won the lottery so the entire family was a on a month-long
cruise for the holidays and were singing Christmas songs
in harmony.

It was impossible for me to relate to those teacher blogs.

I could not even name one of those blogs if I tried.
They were that unmemorable.
Those blogs were stuffy.
I am sure some of those blogs were required assignments for graduate programs.
Now, you know what I am talking about.

But, I did not feel like I had anything in common with those teachers.
I knew what incredible teaching looked like.
I was seeing it in my very own building.
But I was not seeing it online.
I just did not see a real-life teacher who was speaking my language.

Then........a voice said "Hey Y'All!"
Now, this voice had my attention!
I have heard this word two-word combination my whole life.
So have Lisa and Laura.
That is why our name own blog name had to have a "y'all" right smack in the middle!

But the first time I heard it in blogging world was from........

I am pretty sure the first project I saw from Cara Carroll at the First Grade Parade
was her adorable activity about the Tooth Fairy.

Who does not love a fun tooth fairy activity?
No one I know.
From that point on, I was hooked.

To this day, we remain huge Cara Carroll fanatics!

Disclaimer:  I am positive it was Lisa who actually "discovered" 
The First Grade Parade.
I was just smart enough to listen to her and check it out.
And Lisa lets me copy her.
Because I am much older and Lisa respects her elders.

And then, there was another online voice that was completely irresistible.
And this voice was on YouTube.
How cool do you have to be to have your own channel on YouTube?
I mean, here was a Kindergarten teacher who loved Sonic drinks, 
his dog Butters, glitter and laughter!
We were never disappointed with what new idea Greg was sharing.

Greg is personality plus with his kids.
I mean costumes, technology, glitter, Foodie Friday, a classroom stage....this list goes on.
He makes his students' first school experience unforgettable.
And Greg inspires us to make learning fun every day that ends in -y for our very own sweeties.
Thank you so much for the inspiration, Greg!

These are two teacher voices that resonate online with me (and Lisa).

I hope you will take the time to check out:

And, go ahead and share which teacher you first related to.
We have comments section.
Right down below.
Go ahead and share.

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