Five for Friday, Sept. 25

Nothing like being late, but here we are for the

This week was full of apples and fall for some of my younger students.
The first picture is from an old Linguisystems game, Rake 'Em Up.
The coloring on the cards is pitiful.
But my students ask for it all the time.
There's just something about the phrase "Rake 'Em Up!"
I like that it has a sentence pattern - "I see a crunchy apple".
The students get to learn new words, such as "rustling" and "wrestling" are two different things.
Guess which one of those words they all knew?!?

We read The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall and a simplified Star in the Apple version.
We got to see the star and then work on requesting and social skills for apple snacks.

My older students played a fruits and vegetables game one day.
On the next, we learned about Owls: Fact and Opinion.
 Owls Facts and Opinions by All Y'all Need
I love Facts and Opinions for many reasons.
My sister created it.
Facts and opinions are so present in the classroom and so difficult for my language students. Practice helps.
Artic  students get a chance to practice their sounds.
Fluency students get a chance to practice their strategies.

Plus, it comes with a facts and opinion recording sheet!
Here's how I use it.
I copy the facts sheet and the opinion sheet onto two-sided paper.
Each student gets a page.
So if they aren't reading or listening to their card, they are writing their facts and opinions.
Artic students underline words with their sounds for home practice.

And who doesn't love hitting mixed-group targets and having students do their own homework?
And speaking of owls...
Which one is the fact and which one is the opinion? 
Some of my students thought both were facts, and I had to agree!

Next week is fairy tales week. I'm talking about Hansel and Gretel and using our unit created by Amy
 Hansel and Gretel by All Y'all Need
and another one created by Speech Therapy with Courtney Gragg.

And finally, Happy Birthday this week to the two of my most favorite guys, my husband and dad.

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