Talk Like a Pirate Day Linky

Have you heard? SLPs love Talk Like a Pirate Day! Maybe it's the chance to work on "Aaargh". Or that pirates are a great topic when it's too early to talk about fall when the temperatures are still in the 90s. Or maybe because it's just plain fun!
GoldCountrySLP has put together a linky to celebrate Sept. 19. All Y'all Need has a couple of pirate items. The first is a FREEBIE to work on ABC Order!
 Pirate ABC Order by All Y'all Need
The next is part of the Summer Pronouns, Possessives and Places packet. The scenes are easy prep. Just print and glue onto a folder so that students see the fun picture and you see the easy instructions. Plus, it comes with a take-home sheet and (not pictured) a blank scene for playing barrier games!
I'm also getting ready with a few other units. From left to right, Treasure Chest Letters from Katie & Co.; Pirate Says - Following Directions by Sparklle SLP; Pirates Go to School Book Companion by Sparklle SLP; How I Became a Pirate Book Companion by Jenn Alcorn; and Talk Like a Pirate by Ciera Harris, but I can't find it in her store now.
Be sure to check out the linky and don't find yourself walking the plank this week!

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