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 All Y'all Need for The Frenzied SLPs
Now that school is in full swing, I'm very popular in the hallways with all the teachers.
As in, "Oh! I have a kid or two or three I want you to listen to! You can just stop by, can't you?"

I love my teachers.
I love the students.
I hate those hallway conversations.
First of all, because I won't remember the conversation since I'm usually in transition myself.
And second, I don't know what the teacher's concern is.
So a few years ago, I came up with simple checklists for Pk, Kg, 1st and 2nd teachers.

Give teachers a place to start with students when they have speech & language concerns with these checklists

 Give teachers checklists for documenting speech and language therapy concerns about students

 Give teachers these checklists when they have concerns about students and speech and language skills

 Give these checklists to teachers when they have speech and language concerns about students

The checklists are a beginning point. I used to print them out and hand them to teachers.
Now, my district is all electronic, but I still use the same information.
There's one page each for language skills (based off ASHA's information), imitating or reading artic words, and documenting voice and fluency concerns.
Each packet also has places to document discussions with teachers and who is responsible for the next steps.

Now, I can go visit with a student (after getting parent permission) with a starting point.
Teachers don't mind filling out the form.
My RtI committees look at this information and can understand the concerns and input.
They have been useful for 7 years now. The checklists are even available in a bundle.

 Give these PK, Kg, 1st and 2nd grade checklists to teachers who are concerned about their students' speech and language skills

Thanks for taking a look. Be sure to check out other great screeners at the links below.

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