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I read Salt in His Shoes to Kindergarten the sweeties this week.
It's about little Michael Jordan before he became #23 Hoops Superstar.
I told the sweeties that Michael's heart was full of basketball.
Then, I asked them what their heart was full of.
Some answers:
hope and love, 
my family,
God and Jesus,
more hearts,
the library.
Love those sweeties!
We are getting ready for Earth Day.
It's coming up on April 22.
To celebrate, we are using our Earth Day Reader's Theater.
You can check it out here in our TpT store if you
want a fun, interactive way to celebrate Earth's happiest day
(one of my sweeties always refers to Earth Day this way).
So, I went to the acupuncturist for help with sciatica.
He discovered I had sludge in my gall bladder.
I don't understand how all of this works.
But he did some treatments and my sciatica is much better.
And he said the sludge is gone from my gall bladder.
His advice, "An apple a day keeps the gall bladder happy."
Apparently, the pectin in apples is very good for a healthy gall bladder.

Happy Birthday to Beverly Cleary!
100 years old on April 12.
And 50 years of publishing children's books!
My little community is covered in red.
That is because we are in poppy season.
A local soldier sent his mother from Europe right after World War I.
Naturally, his mom planted the seeds he sent.
Poppies now reseed themselves in our area each year.
On my drive to and from work, this is my beautiful view during April.

Have a wonderful day!

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