April Showers with The Frenzied SLPs!

Do you hear that - the plop-plop of rain? We've had a little bit in Central Texas, which is perfect for this topic:
 The Frenzied SLPs
I wrote about my favorite rainy go-to activity in Rainy Days and Wednesdays. Here's a recap. Gather wax paper, clear plastic cups, food dye, plastic spoons, and straws.
Give each student a piece of wax paper. Fill the cups about 1/4-1/2 way with water. Add food dye and stir with spoons. Then, put the straw into the cup of colorful water, put finger on top of straw to collect water, and then drop on wax paper.
Ta-dah! Instant colorful rain drops! This activity is so fun for mixing colors. It gets in lots of language - requesting, describing, sequencing... Plus, the water blobs up on the wax paper, so students can move it around to make little and big drops. 

Y'all know how much we love books. Use the rain activity in conjunction with some of our favorites.
 All Y'all Need
Weather in Texas means teaching safety. 3rd-5th graders this week will be learning about tornadoes and safety plans with Tornado: Fact & Opinion. Students draw a card, read it, decide if it's fact or opinion, and then write it down for homework. Artic students underline the words with their sounds. Students do their own homework, they are busy while waiting for their turns, and I get to address language, fluency and artic. 
 Tornado Fact & Opinion by All Y'all Need
I'll make the homework page 2-sided to save paper and write a quick instruction on the top, like "Practice saying the underlined sounds 3 times per day" or "Practice reading with easy onset." 

Both sets come in one bundle, also! 

How do you incorporate water lessons into therapy? We'd love to hear! Either comment or link up! Thanks to Speech2me and Looks Like Language for working behind the scenes to make this linky happen! Bloggers, use the first image in this post and link to The Frenzied SLPs.

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