Kwick Stix and Pencil Grips in Pre K

The Pencil Grip Company so generously sent me some pencil grips and Kwick Stix (Tempera Paint Sticks) to try out in my Pre K classroom. At first, I was a little apprehensive towards the Kwick Stix because they sounded too good to be true. I love doing art activities with my kids, but I don't have any shelves in my classroom. Needless to say, drying space is limited. However, the Kwick Stix solved that problem. The kiddos tried them out in our art center this past week and we loved them! They are easy for the kiddos to use and paint very smoothly. Plus, they dry in a matter of seconds. Win! Win!

Here's how my kiddos used the Kwick Stix this week:

The Pencil Grips were a great tool as well. I used them with my kiddos during our writing time. Teaching correct pencil grip is so important at the primary level and the Pencil Grips are a great reinforcement. I let my kiddos that don't have very strong fine motor use them. It took a little while for them to adjust, but they became very comfortable with using them quickly. I loved the fact that I didn't constantly have to hover over them to help correct their pencil grip. Another win win!

Please go and check out this amazing company! They are kind, helpful and create products that work.

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