Speech Therapy: The Start of the After

The Backstory: I will skip the gory details and just say that I was not the first inhabitant of the speech room at my elementary. Which meant I inherited nail holes, wall smudges and just general build-up on the walls. Here's an example:

In May, when it seemed likely that I would stay at the same elementary - SLPs never know! - I started campaigning for a new paint job.

I justified - It's a tiny room, it won't take long!

I begged - Please, I only made two of the nail holes!

I went for the guilt trip - when the Sp. Ed. Director said she wanted SLPs to feel taken care of, I told her a new paint job would do it.

I asked for sympathy - my AP and principal both visited the room, and the AP even pulled in a maintenance man.

When the room wasn't painted after July 4th, I thought it was over. My principal asked me to have faith. I didn't.

So it was a huge surprise when I walked in to get some summer speech supplies one week later to find beautiful walls! I was just expecting holes to be patched and a fresh coat of white paint at the most.

The room now has 3 neutral walls and one red wall! Our school colors are red and white. It will go so great with all of the year.o-graphy stuff!

So I sent an apologetic yet gushing e-mail to my principal and director and baked a cake for the custodians and maintenance men.

This weekend, I read a post from Heather's Heart that talks about putting students first in the classroom, not decorating. It made me think about my room arrangement, which previously looked like:
Lots of putty-colored metallic storage, my desk in the lower left that you can't see but which kind of didn't set up the most welcoming of entrances, and the work table in the middle.

My awesome husband moved the furniture around yesterday, and I'm happier. The desk is now in the corner, and while it invades a little bit into the chalkboard space, it's not too bad. There is a metal cabinet at the entrance, but it's not as chunky as the desk. I hope I can do without the metal bookshelf in the corner, and I broke up the big cabinet and filing cabinets.

I'm a little embarrassed to show you this picture. My room is not at all finished, but I'm very excited! I unpacked most of my boxes. The stuff on the table is going up on Thursday. My goal is to have the table be the focus when entering. Just ignore all the other stuff and come back on Friday to see more!
Oh, wow that's pretty bad right now. But isn't the paint purty? And separating the furniture doesn't give such an industrial look.

Stay tuned!

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  1. I'm jealous! I'm moving to a new school this year and would LOVE a fresh coat of paint! I have to deal with study corrals on 2 of the walls (4 cubbies on 1 wall and 3 on the opposite) and no real desk! I have to get in there and organize/set up and still don't know what to do with the space! Yours is looking good!

    1. Carrie, I had a room during my first few years that I shared with the gifted/talented teacher and all the furniture in storage for the school including the study desks, so I feel your pain!

    2. I had planned on doing before/after pics once I start organizing. I just can't wait to get in there (I have to wait til August). Getting antsy!

  2. Hey firstborn! I've nominated you for two awards. Stop by my blog in a bit. :)


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