Summer of 60 Pins, #33: A Test of How Good "So Good It Can't Be Described, Explode On Your Taste Buds Chicken" REALLY Is

The Pin: Well, this pin seems to be floating all over Pinterest. You've probably seen it, Man-Pleasing Chicken from Witty in the City:
                                  Source: via Laura on Pinterest

The recipe was recently adapted to this pin, The World's Best Chicken by Rachel Schultz.
                                                Source: via Laura on Pinterest

But what these two pins are probably best known for is the description from Witty in the City's husband:

So Good It Can't Be Described,
Explosion on Your Taste Buds Chicken

And Witty in the City and Rachel Schultz both agree with this description.

This caused a little skepticism on my part. I mean, "so good it can't be described"? I would probably apply that to Texas Sheet Cake aka Dump n' Pour Cake aka Pioneer Woman's The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever.

And "explodes on your taste buds?" Really? I might describe my grandmother's old Betty Crocker recipe for white cake, similar to this one, that way.

And if I were really hard-pressed to use this description for a "meat", it would go to the salmon at The Grand Floridian Cafe.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for chicken. It's white meat. It's easy to cook. Great weekday meal. But I don't association "chicken" with "explosion of taste". Still, I ventured off to my HEB just as a thunderstorm was rolling in. I didn't know that. It was quite an adventure. The electricity went off, but the cash registers still worked. I didn't think HEB would let us out with free groceries, but I did anticipate a huge build-up at the lanes for when the power came back on. I was wrong. Lines were running very smoothly. This small-town girl doesn't get out much. 

The main difference between the two recipes is the original uses rice vinegar and the adaptation uses red wine vinegar. I bought both.
Here are the ingredients.

Red wine vinegar, water and preservatives:
Rice vinegar (water and rice), sugar and salt:
They smell very similar. The rice vinegar mixture went into the white pan (duh!) and the red wine mixture into the 8 x 8. I lined both pans with foil because I read the comments before baking. Yep, I can't do a pin without thoroughly researching the original post. I'm a nerd. A small-town nerd.

The Good: Once I survived the black-out and thunderstorm, the dish itself was very easy to put together.

The Bad: My family didn't like that dinner was a taste test. Here is R's reaction:
Summary: Here are the finished chickens:
Very similar, although everyone preferred the rice wine vinegar, slightly. Either vinegar would work. Jim thought the rice vinegar had a little more "twang". The consensus on the description? A little over-hyped, but it is a dish everyone would eat again.

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