Summer of 60 Pins, #30: Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs

Hey, I'm halfway through to accomplishing 60 ideas from Pinterest! Wonder if I'll finish...

We're back from the beach. Every year, there's a big week-long family reunion around July 4th. Jim's mom and her sister and their families were the first. With 8 kids in Jim's family and 4 kids in his aunt's family, the reunion has really grown  - over 40+ people were at each meal this week! One of the traditions is that each family cooks one meal per week for everyone else. We all gather in lawn chairs and at picnic tables at 6 p.m. to eat and visit. Pioneer Woman's Pulled Pork went over very well, although I had never heard of putting cole slaw on the sandwich. For dessert, it seems like food in jars or food on sticks is very popular. I didn't want to wash out 50 jars, so we went with Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs.

The Pin:
                                                    Source: via Laura on Pinterest

This pin is the reason I made four pound cakes. I just can't do desserts from mixes. Here is the pound cake cut into small pieces and skewered with strawberries. If you really want to know, four 9 x 13 pound cakes and 7 cartons of strawberries will make 50+ 10" skewers, with a couple of strawberry-only skewers left over.
I added whipped cream and chocolate syrup for garnishes:
Here is the first crowd of dessert eaters watching Jim demonstrate how to put it all together:
And a few happy faces, starting with J:

The Good: The kabobs were a big hit, and everyone had fun "decorating" them. The skewers offered a twist on traditional shortcake.

The Bad: I made the pound cake, cooled it, cut it and froze it. It traveled well in the cooler, but a few people said the cake was dry. Extra whipped cream helped.

Summary: I would make this again. It was great to make the pound cake ahead of time and take it frozen, the strawberries at the grocery store were very fresh, and dessert was a huge hit!

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