Summer of 60 Pins, # 29: Making 23 Pounds of Pioneer Woman's Spicy Dr Pepper Shredded Pork

The Pin:

The Good: It's Pioneer Woman! What could be bad? We always cook a family meal during one week at the beach, and the number of people eating runs around 40. I wanted a recipe that was good, could feed a lot, and could be frozen so that we could take it down in a cooler and just warm it up on cooking day. This one seemed to fit the bill. Plus, it's fairly easy.

The Bad: The liquid overflowed in the oven. That's user error, though, not a malfunction of the recipe. I guess that's what happens when we cook 3 shoulders weighing 23 pounds total and try to squeeze it all into the oven at once. And I worry about not having enough food. Really.

Here's what 23 pounds of shredded pork looks like:
Summary: It is really good, and I don't even like pork unless it's doused in sauce. This recipe yields a very tender meat and a sauce with just enough of a kick to make it good. The family loved it! Here are a few pictures. In the first, Jim has just demonstrated for everyone how to make a pulled pork sandwich. Our Virginia relatives insisted that pulled pork sandwiches have cole slaw on them, a new one for me, so that's what Jim made. The 23 pounds, after being cooked and shredded, fed 40+ people with just enough leftovers for a couple of late arrivals.

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