Pounding Food

For dinner tonight, I had to crush Ritz crackers and pound chicken breasts.

The recipe I'm working from wanted me to pull out my food processor, which is not really handy, and put the crackers in there. I have a much easier method that involves keeping the crackers in the sleeve and using a rolling pin.
It can get a little messy, so I put the sleeve of crackers on a dish towel. 
Crush carefully - don't just bang away - with a rolling pin. The ends will probably open, and you can pour out the crumbs into a bowl.

For chicken, make sure the breasts are fully defrosted. Mine could have stayed in the microwave a little bit longer. To avoid salmonella, lay wax paper on the counter. I usually pound two breasts at a time.
Lay wax paper on the top to avoid yucky chicken splatter.
Use the flat side of a meat mallet. You can go all out on pounding. After a few good whacks, the chicken breast will give way and start to stretch out, making for quicker and more even baking.

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