Summer of 60 Pins, #4: Best Teacher Appreciation Gift Ever

The Pin:
I got this really cool set of post-its from a principal 2 1/2 years ago. It was an afterthought on her part. She had some left over, and when I walked into her office for an ARD, I asked what it was, and she offered me one. It also came with a calendar that is now out of date and pens that have now found other homes. Since that Christmas gift, I've gotten a similar gift from my Special Ed. Director and another principal. The second principal bought a box with a calculator on top. I wonder what future upgrades will be?

The Good: I am constantly tagging paperwork, and this provides an almost never-ending supply. And just to prove that anything can turn into a therapy lesson, I use the post-its to give my students quick visual clues. Here's an example I did for a student working on subjective pronouns:
Just some hen-scratched stick figures to help the student know whether to say /he/, /she/ or /they/.

The Bad: I use the bigger post-its more than the small ones, so I wish that some of the smaller compartments had been combined. 

Summary: Everyone who has seen it has commented on how neat it is, hence the spread of similar gifts across the district. If you ever get input on teachers' gifts, this one is a hit!

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