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A Fairy Godmother Wreath:
Subway Art for My Speech Room:
All decorative paper is from year.o.graphy. The background paper is from a Neutrals cardstock pack from Hobby Lobby. I already had the frame from IKEA, and we took out the mat.

The biggest part is language, 3-inch letters from Cricut's Plantin Schoolbook. I wanted LANGUAGE to be the biggest part because that is the biggest part of what I do.
The next biggest part is artic. Language barely eases out artic, so these are 2-inch letters from Makin' the Grade:
Fluency letters are 2 inches from Billionaire:
Voice letters are also 2 inches from Lyrical Letters:
Lisa added her signature *POP* with scrap paper, a brad, and designs cut from Accents Essential.
I can't wait to hang it up! Thanks, Lisa!

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