Summer of 60 Pins #3: Sunday Evening Salad

The Original Pins:

I have made this version of Becky Higgins' Corn & Avocado Salad many times with fantastic results:

                                                          Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Somewhere along one of my pinning frenzies, I found this one from Once Upon Chef:
                                                                        Source: via Laura on Pinterest

My Version:

The main difference between the first two is that #1 uses black-eyed peas and canned corn and that #2 uses black beans, fresh corn, and red peppers.

I like black beans better, but I've taken #1 to several parties with great results, so I didn't want to mess with that. And while I like the fresh ingredients in #2, I'm not opposed to using the can opener. I think canned black-eyed peas have improved over the years. And Hill Country Fare, the HEB brand, is pretty reliable. But if you like fresh peas and want to use them, go for it.

I headed to my favorite store, HEB+ on Sunday evening to make the salad for a Monday potluck lunch. My version replaces much of the chopping of tomatoes, onions and cilantro with ready-made pico de gallo. I bought 3 packages, which was probably one too many. I bought the mild version, but I think mixing up mild with spicy would be good. I figured since I was missing a lot of chopping, I could do the fresh corn. With avocados, I should have gotten firmer ones. For guacamole, soft avocados are the best, For this recipe, firmer ones that don't smash when cut would have been better.

I don't really like pictures of ingredients because I can read a list faster than I can visually process a picture, but this recipe is so easy, that here it is:
3 cans black-eyed peas, undrained
4 cobs of fresh corn
3 packages of pico de gallo
2 limes, soft
3 avocados, firm
1 package Italian Dressing

Chop the corn and avocados. Combine with peas and pico. Squeeze lime juice on top. Sprinkle the dressing mix and stir in a big bowl. Refrigerate overnight. This step is critical. The longer the salad "gels", the more the flavors combine and the better it is.

I know what you're thinking - why Italian dressing? First, it was in recipe #1. Second, the ingredients are salt, pepper, garlic and red pepper (+ carrots), so you get ready-made seasoning without dragging out separate containers. It's really a time-saver.

And the name? I thought about Lazy Salad because it's so easy, but I decided to go with Sunday Evening Salad even though I made it at 9:45 p.m. Maybe it should be Sunday Night Salad?

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