Summer of 60 Pins, #7: Sprinkle Cookies

The Original Pin from Sprinklebakes:

                                                                       Source: via Laura on Pinterest
This is a redo when I had to change the pin, see here.

Here's my version, not as perfectly round, but I was happy:
The Good: Cute, tasty, big hit at the R's athletic banquet.

The Bad: Time-consuming to make, so it's not a good last-minute recipe. And, the dough has to be made in the food processor, not my trusty Kitchen-Aid. The cookies do break if dropped, not that I tripped over the doggie gate on the way to the banquet or anything.

The cookies were such a big hit that people were scooping them up to take home. Sharing the cookies didn't bother me, but I was planning to send them to school the next day with R for her friends, not expecting people I didn't know to take them home for later. I went to pick up the cookies, and since the banquet was a pot-luck, lots of people were there. A lady was scooping up the cookies while her friend delightedly said, "What kind are those!" The lady answered, "Sugar cookies". I said, "The red part has some strawberry flavoring". The lady glared at me, grabbed a couple more, put a napkin over her stash, and quickly walked off...

Summary: I would make these cookies again. Big party hit.

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