Summer of 60 Pins, #8: Is It Hoarding If It's Organized?

The Pin: Okay, there is no pin. But I spent most of the day cleaning out my utility closet, and since my challenge of 60 pins is about accomplishment, I am counting it. Our house was built in 1970, and we moved in in 2002. The laundry room was HUGE. In 2004? 2005? we had the extra room converted to a storage closet.

I have to clean it out once a year for several reasons. First, because most of my family is on the school calendar, we always had summer cleaning instead of spring cleaning growing up, so the timing is ingrained in me. Thanks, Mom. Second, the closet is probably the most consistently unused place in our house, and bugs like to live in dark, undisturbed places. I hope the whirr of the vacuum is enough to keep them out. Third, my DH likes to put things in different places during the year. He could just tell me, but instead I get to find his old office pictures stuck between some boxes or blankets from the den thrown into the back corner.

Here are the pictures:
Looking in at the main wall. To store a lot, it has to be functional. I use clear plastic boxes with labels on the inside. The labels don't tear off, and plastic boxes are sturdier, as you can see by the torn-up cardboard boxes in the top right.

The back wall. Less used stuff, mostly old pictures. 
The gift-wrap center. We remodeled about the same time Southern Living had a similar station in an Idea House. Ribbons go on a rod, and bags hang on hooks. The second two stacks are all Christmas bags, and the first hook is all other occasions. There is a trash container below with wrapping paper and big bags.

The Good: I love having the extra storage. The wrapping center is very handy.

The Bad: Cleaning it out every year. We just have way too much stuff.

Summary: For storage, use clear plastic boxes and inside labels, wrapping stations are great, and sort, don't just throw stuff in.

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