Summer of 60 Pins, #5: Where Will You Look For It?

The Pin:
Yes, it looks like a mess and nothing at all like all the cool ways to organize electrical cords. That's not the point. I have a drawer in my speech room where anything computer-related goes. Then, when the technology person comes, I know where the drawer is and they can figure it out. 

I was packing up my speech room and trying to decide what to do with my printer cords. Then, I thought, "Where am I going to look for the cords when I hook up the printer in August?" The answer was: In this drawer.

It's a little organized. I grabbed two of my handy-dandy post-its and labeled the cords:
The Good: Hopefully in August, I will associate printer cords with my computer parts drawer.

The Bad: The drawer could be more organized.

Summary: A good tip when organizing is to think about where the first place is that you will look for the item. Chances are that will save time later.

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