Summer of 60 Pins, #9: The Tools I Use

#1: My KitchenAid mixer, a wedding present 21 years ago from my aunts Billie and Mary Jane. It's still going strong, and I use it for everything. I think a lot of recipes were written before Kitchen-Aid, so folding in nuts and chocolate chips has gone by the wayside for me because my mixer can handle it. The only thing I still fold in, and that's only occasionally, is egg whites.
#2: A good spatula. I've had this one forever. It was a Christmas gift from my mom many years ago, and it's still standing the test of time. It is perfect for scraping the sides of the mixing bowl and beater. I don't know the brand, but I may cry if I ever lose it or if it breaks.
#3: Double sets of measuring cups and spoons, one set for dry ingredients and the other set for wet ingredients.

#4: A dough cutter. Mine is similar to this one, but even better because it has measurements.

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