Summer of 60 Pins, #10: Baking Tips

Tip #1 - Prepare the Whole Kitchen: For lots of baking, like holiday cookies or 8 dozen bar cookies for a youth group, clear the counters except for the ingredients and equipment you'll be using.

Start with a fairly empty dishwasher so that you can rinse and store dishes as you finish with them.
Empty the trashcan. There's nothing like having to stop mid-recipe to clean up an eggshell that fell off the top of the trash pile onto the floor. 
Tip #2 - Save on the ingredients you can, but don't skimp. I often buy HEB+ brands because of the savings.
I only use King Arthur Flour and Land O' Lakes unsalted butter. They make a HUGE difference to me. So much so that I haven't tried HEB brands. But if HEB wants to give me ingredients for a bake-off, I wouldn't be opposed.

Tip #3 - measure accurately, especially ingredients that will make a difference - flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and liquids. Here is how to measure dry ingredients, in this case, flour. First, take a heaping scoop.
Notice how the flour isn't filled in on the right side? Just take the flat side of a knife and push some over there.
Now use the same flat side of the butter knife to scrape across the whole cup.
Ta-da! One perfect cup of King Arthur flour!
I love baking powder, and here's why - the can usually comes with a built-in scraper. So easy to measure.
Tips #4 and #5 - use a measuring cup with inside marking for liquids, and don't crack eggs directly into the batter. The inside markings are so convenient for measuring liquids without straining your neck from trying to see from the side. And although I've only had two bad eggs in 20+ years of marriage baking, I still can't take the chance that everything will be ruined if I don't inspect the egg first.
Tip #6 - bake bar cookies in a foil-lined pan. To line the pan, turn it upside down and shape the foil over it. Then, flip the pan over and fit the foil into pan. No more tears!

After the cookies cool, you can lift up the whole batch, gently peel the foil from the sides, and use the dough cutter to make perfect squares.

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