IMPACT: Trying to Use My Gifts

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I am so proud that my two kids are giving up two weeks of their summer to participate in IMPACT. When we first joined TBC and I heard about teens leading Backyard Bible Clubs, I was a little skeptical. But as my kids got more involved, first attending clubs and then leading clubs, I learned how prepared the teens really are.

In the spring, there are several training dates on Sundays. Then, the first week out of school in June, student volunteers and adults travel to camp where they study God's Word and learn and practice each day. There are scripts for every day. During the second week of June, J & R will be participating in morning, afternoon and evening groups. I won't see them very much, but they will be tired, happy, and impacted themselves.

Our preacher, Gary, always encourages us to use our gifts. And since feeding 160 people lunch and dinner is on the list, I have found my place by taking food to the groups. I have found that I really like working with elementary ages more than the teen years. But I can feed teens!

So I am adding a baking section to this blog and Pinterest, here. I hope you enjoy the posts.

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