Organization: A Better Way to Store Chips

The Story: A couple of years ago, I was complaining about how chip bags are hard to store in the pantry, we were constantly losing chip clips, and chip crumbs were everywhere. My awesome husband came up with a solution:
He took a piece of decorative wood and painted it. Then, he attached four chains of various lengths to hooks and attached the hooks to the wood:
At the end of each chain is an Oxo magnetic chip clip, similar to these.
The Good: No more bags taking up shelf space. No more crumpled bags of chips with loose crumbs. The different lengths make all the difference in the world. No more lost bag clips. The clips are strong. It's easy for everyone in the family to put bags back. We've also used this for pretzels and loaves of bread. The chains are on the side of the pantry wall, so we were able to use previously wasted space.

The Bad: Because the clips are magnetic, if they are not holding a bag, they will attach to other chains. Not a bad trade-off.

Summary: My husband is brilliant! I love how I can tell him an idea and he carries it out so efficiently and practically.

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