My Wonderful Cousin Lisa

My talented cousin Lisa is in town.
She and my sister had an idea to make deco mesh wreaths - one for Amy's library, one for Lisa's kindergarten classroom, and one for my speech room. We hit Hobby Lobby, and Lisa and Amy talked me into these supplies:
Medium wreath ring, large roll of gold deco mesh, dark red ribbon from the Christmas department, and a "pop" of leopard print accent ribbon. Note: the ribbon needs to be wired.

We also got floral stems and snipped them into shorter lengths with wire cutters:
Here are Lisa's instructions. First, gather the mesh:
Second, twist:
Third, loop and gather:
Fourth, secure with shortened floral stems. Lisa worked on the outside of the ring and then filled in the inner parts.
Lisa ended up with:
Then, she used the red and leopard-print ribbons to tie a bow.

You can see the future deco mesh for the wreaths in the bottom of the picture.

Another look before I add phonetic letters that I need to laminate:
Here is Amy's apple wreath with red, Granny Smith green, polka dots and a stem:
Here is Lisa's "WOW" pink and green wreath:
She also framed some downloads. I love this Mary Poppins quote from A Girl with a Glue Gun.
There are a lot more cute quotes to frame at that site.

Lisa also found a subway art READ print:

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