Friday Faves from All Y'all Need: March 14

From Amy:
Laura and I have been on Spring Break this week.   Yippee!   It has been a wonderful week.    Lisa will be on Spring Break today about 3:15.   

Eating out at lunch time!    It is so much fun.   I guess because lunch out only happens on a school break.    Here is one my favorite Austin eating establishments.    Stop at Foodheads in Austin if you are in the neighborhood during breakfast and lunch time.


Ok, confession.   I am not a huge late-night-TV-program watcher.    But I have really enjoyed Jimmy Kimmel's Austin Week.     On Monday Jimmy cowboy upped.    It is SXSW Week in Austin.   There was an absolutely horrible accident at SXSW.   My prayers to the families of those killed and/or injured.   My prayers also to Police Chief Art Acevedo and his first responders to keep Austin weird and safe during this busy week.

From Laura:
#1 - Happy Pi Day! We were in Austin yesterday and saw a bunch of planes and numbers in the sky. Turns out, skywriters were doing 527 digits of pi - #PiInTheSky - a day early for SXSW! Picture courtesy of Forbes.
#2 - I. Hate. Allergies. Thank goodness for nasal spray!
#3 - I'm a little addicted to Origami Owl, and their spring collection might include some really cute, fun daisies! Too bad I'll be back in school on March 17, the official announcement date, but it will give me something to look forward to after school!

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