Friday Faves from All Y'all Need: March 7

From Amy:
#1   I am late to share, but I wanted to share my absolute, hands-down, super-duper favoritest purchase at the last TpT Sale.

It is from Ramona Recommends.   Her packet of inspiring quotes are adorable!     I remember from a past quote of Dr. Phil: "it takes 1,000 attaboys to counteract a really bad message".     I am all about encouraging my sweeties.     These posters rock!

When I read that as a kid Courtney (aka Miss Ramona Recommends) liked to look around her classroom and read the quotes.   And that it made her happy when someone she admired said something she believed…..W-o-W!  

I, too,  remember reading quotes that teachers posted around the room.   Ok, I am old so they might have been written in yellow chalk on a green chalkboard.     But, I have memories of reading quotes and being impressed and challenged.    I remember thinking how cool my teacher was for sharing these quotes.    Because sometimes it felt like someone was saying something I never thought about or sometimes the quote affirmed what I already knew.

See, I cannot stop talking about my favorite purchase!

Here is one of my favorites from the pack.   But it is only a teaser.   Check out the packet for yourself to see how the quote is finished.

And do not miss

#2    Shoe Shopping
So, I do not have as many shoes as Lisa.    She has the most darling shoe collection ever.    But I am not shoeless.   I do not have any more room in my closet for shoes.    But I really needed these shoes, right?    They are FitFlops and they are gold!    Gold shoes, my, my!   Gold shoes, must buy!

#3   Happy Spring Break, friends!
Laura and I will be on Spring Break beginning about 3:15 today.     Sorry to say that Lisa must continue to work.   Our Spring Breaks are not compatible this year.   But, be safe and have fun if you are Spring Breaking with us.

From Laura:
#1 - 1sparklleslp. Have you read her blog? Sparklle, as I call her, never fails to brighten my week with her posts and Instagram photos.
#2 - Paczki. On Monday, my licensed assistant from Detroit asked if we had any "punchkey" in Central Texas. I had never even heard that word before. Her birthday was on March 4, Fat Tuesday. I went to get her a king cake from a bakery and saw signs for "paczki". The accompanying picture looked like "punchkey", and sure enough, it was! Do these look like the real thing?
And she was not exaggerating about the love for paczki in Detroit!

#3 - My new favorite singer, Adele Nazeem. She can totally sing a Wicked version of Let It Go!
#4 - My wonderful husband is a middle-school counselor. Registration for 5th-graders moving to 6th grade is very soon, so he made this awesome video!

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