Travelin' Through Texas: A Texas-Themed Concepts Unit

We decided to make a cowboy version of our Superhero Spatial Concepts just for Texas teachers and SLPs and are happy to introduce Travelin' Through Texas: A Texas-Themed Concepts Unit!

This unit include 50+ pages total, including:

* Cover page
* Where in Texas? - cards with pictures and spatial/comparative concept words, pictures without words, and words only. Duplicate for memory games.
* Cowboy Concepts - pretend to be a cowboy/cowgirl with these direction cards
* Texas Write the Room - 14 pictures and a B&W recording page
* Where is the Cowboy? - B&W recording page with a word bank
* Thank You and Credit pages

Have you ever found that, when working with memory games in groups, the students never pick the cards with their target? I've changed up the way I play memory games to control that more. First - I usually don't use matching cards. GASP! What am I up to? As I've learned more about literacy, I have realized that I need to provide more written support. At the beginning of the session, I pass out the cards according to goal. For example, if a student working on blend reduction might get "front" and "through"; a student working on opposites would get "far" and "near"; and a student working on fluency would get "up" and "out". The students hold the cards in their hand and look at the pictures. The matching set, either the pictures without words or the words only are laid face-down on the table. That way, the students are looking for the words with their particular objective.

Here are some preview pages. First up are pictures with words.
Texas shapes with words only.

Cowboy Concept cards for getting in some movement and following directions.
Write the Room cards.
Travelin' Through Texas is $8 at our store, All Y'all Need. Thanks for taking a look!

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