Manic Monday: Some Spring Cleaning!

My most bestest sister, Amy, gave me a gift certificate to The Container Store for Christmas. Over Spring Break, I put it to good use with the PLS-5 manipulatives.
Our district got the upgrade manipulatives, and a few of mine had been borrowed through the years. I can usually substitute something if I'm in the therapy room, but not when I'm traveling to daycares. Kelly from Speech2u gave me a good start by hosting a 31 Bags party for her friend, Kristin. I was impressed by how much Kelly could fit in a bag and decided to give it a try.
I was excited to find out that the PLS-5 picture manual can fit into the organizing utility tote AND the top can still zip! I usually keep my testing manuals in a file drawer, but this will be great for traveling!
 The bear and pitcher went into the blue box that Pearson sent.
 Books on the side.
Manipulatives in plastic, see-through containers and neatly stacked. There is even room for a ball and duck AND the top still zips!
 The crayons fit perfectly in a side pocket, along with the cups and cars.
The bag sits zipped up under my desk, ready to pull out for testing or to scoop up for testing on the go! Thanks, Kelly and Kristin!

I also got a few more things from IKEA, which I promptly added into my SLP Thematic Organizer:
Some fruits and veggies for lessons, a darling tea party for a young one, and cups for the tea party and PLS-5 manipulatives.
And Amy gave me two more gifts. It may look like I'm serving chips and queso in the speech room, but that would go against the standards of Food of Minimal Nutrition Value Act. If you saw us at TSHA, you know what they're for. If you didn't, stay tuned!

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