Friday Faves for April 11

From Amy:
#1  More IS better, right?    So, we have another fairy tale unit for y'all.  This time we have three little pigs and one BIG and BAD wolf entertaining us.   Hope you are enjoying the fairy tale studies as much as we are.

#2  Speaking of fairy tales, we had terrific storytellers visit us this week.   The sweeties love the group of retired drama kings and queens to visit us.   I really enjoy their retellings, too.   This week we had to deal with Cinderella's nasty stepmother and stepsisters.   Luckily, Cinderella and Prince Charming were part of the troop!  I do so love a happy ending.

#3  You know how your jewelry gets grimy and not-so-shiny?   Ok, well mine does.   I am lazy and do not like to polish or buff it.   So, I made a little Amazon purchase this week.     It is an ultrasonic teeny little jewelry cleaner.   Just add water and press the button.   I can do that!     Then, you just dump the dirty water out and dry your sparkly new jewelry.  

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