Manic Monday: Organizational Binder for ASHA's Clinical Fellowship

Whew! I'm barely making my Monday post on time! I'm here today to help you get organized. And if you are supervising a CF - or if you are a CF - I have just the thing to help you out - an Organizational Binder for The ASHA Clinical Fellowship!
This January, I had the honor of beginning to supervise a brand new and eager CF. I found the ASHA forms confusing with not enough space to write on. So, I made my own! Here's a preview.
Here's the Table of Contents:
In this 60+ page packet, you get the following sections:
* Getting Started - Directions for the packet, Contact Info, ASHA Information, Important Dates, CF Absences, and Time/Activity Requirements
* Logs for CFs - Assessment/Diagnosis/Evaluation, Screening, Report Writing, Family/Client Consultation and/or Counseling, and Therapy
* Segment Logs for Mentoring SLPs - direct and indirect supervision logs in 3 segments
* Summaries of the CF Skills Inventories
* Quick Reference to ASHA's Rating Scales and Descriptors
* Meeting Notes for 3 segments
* Blank Section Divider for your own use
* Finishing up!
* Thank You and Credits

Note: This binder is in no way intended to replace ASHA's forms and requirements. Always, always, always refer to ASHA for any questions. The binder came about when I realized I wasn't recording dates - gasp! And I printed out the skills inventory and rating scales, but they were inefficient to flip through during supervision, plus there wasn't enough writing space. So, ta-dah!

The Organizational Binder for The ASHA Clinical Fellowship comes in B&W for a printer-friendly option. Look for the color version soon!

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