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Which one do you think you are on?
This is our product where your students decide who makes Santa's nice list.   
And there are plenty of characters that students will happily place on the naughty list.
I love reading this book each year.
Our mom (Laura and mine) reads to and completely spoils two classes at my school.
She visits one class of 1st graders on Thursday and one class of K sweeties on Friday.
Today, I snuck in to help her make no-cook gingerbread play dough with the sweeties.
They love, love, love her weekly visits.
Here is another beautiful book that I love to share with the sweeties.
I am excited this year because I have a new activity to share after story time.
It will be fun to teach information about reindeer to the sweeties.
They are in awe of the season.
Pete the Cat was a crowd pleaser this week, too.
It was fun to read to read the names on Pete's List (aka Santa's list).
I told students, "I am going to listen for my name.   You listen for your name."
My name did not make the cut.
But there were smiles all around for the students who heard their names.
Of course, I explained that the list is incomplete.

Here is a book I gave my mom for her birthday last week.
The reason is not because Jerry Lee Lewis is our favorite.
But we have the same favorite book, All Over But the Shoutin'.
Rick Bragg has a way with words that immediately engages you to lose all track of time.
Mr. Bragg and Harper Lee were just named as two of the inaugural writers in the Alabama Writers Hall of Fame.
I think my mom likes the book because she already started it.

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