A Review of "Say & Do" Apraxia Fun Sheets

Disclosure: The product was provided to me. The views are my own.

If you've started thinking about your SLP Christmas wish list, I have an item that needs to be on it!
Shanda Gaunt, one -half of Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC is the author. I was already familiar with her products from TpT and how comprehensive they are. "Say & Do" Apraxia Fun Sheets is no exception.

The program starts out with parent-friendly explanations and a parent letter.

Then, VC combos are introduced, followed by CV, CVCV, and CVC words. Each section has LOTS of opportunities for practice. My favorites are "feeding" the cards into things like presents and dogs and dotting while saying words. My students can't get enough of Bingo daubers. Other practice pages incorporate some fine-motor skills, such as tracing and gluing.

Although this is an apraxia product, Shanda has made it easy to incorporate patterning, sorting, counting, and many other concepts students will need.

Things I love about Say & Do Apraxia Fun Sheets:
* the pages are in B&W - so easy to copy, no worries about color ink
* LOTS of opportunities for practice and TONS of repetition - just what my students need
* a variety of fun activities that also incorporate language and fine-motor skills
* the comprehensiveness that is included in the 160(!) activities
* terms are parent-friendly
* activities and sound combinations are student-friendly and follow a hierarchy
* everything is SLP-friendly

"Say & Do" Apraxia Fun Sheets is available at Super Duper Publications for $21.95, and that includes free shipping. It's an SLP tool you'll reach for again and again.

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