Five for Friday

Kacey at Doodlebugs Teaching hosts a weekly linky.
We love to join in.
Happy Birthday, Laura!
She is the first of the L's in our little trio.
She is my wonderful sister.
In this photo, she is with her hubby at 6 Flags for Spring Break.
Laura would rather be at Disney.  She and her family love all things Disney.
Laura is my wonderful sister.
Laura is super-smart, talented, funny, wise, a good listener, dedicated, brave,
very knowledgeable in her field of expertise (speech and language), and 
an amazing mom to her 2 children. 
Don Draper is back on Sunday nights.
Which means the return of this guy.  Jon Hamm.   
Welcome back, Mad Men, welcome back.
I am sad to see the end of the show.
But I know Matthew Weiner has told the story he wanted to tell.
And I respect that tremendously.
The sweeties love learning about bugs, insects and things that crawl and fly.
We have been having fun with ladybugs.
Here are some excellent nonfiction books to read about ladybugs.
If you need something about just ladybugs, check out our fact and opinion lesson.
And do not forget about the fiction books to read about ladybugs.
There are some great selections available.
We also had another tornado drill this week.
Because we live in Texas, which is part of Tornado Alley, we know about tornadoes,
and tornado sirens, and tornado watches and tornado warnings.....
You get the idea.
Here is a fact and opinion pack about tornadoes available in our store.
I am partial to Otis and the Tornado because I am a huge Loren Long fan.
But you can never go wrong with Betsy Byars, the I Survived Series or 
We do not study as much about hurricanes....because we are not near the ocean....not even close.
But we do have some ways to teach about wild weather.
Our sweeties do love to learn about wild weather.
We do offer a pack about Hurricanes in our store.
How adorable are A Cupcake for the Teacher's craftivities?
Too cute for words.   
Every single time.
This is what I am prepping for the sweeties to learn about what plants need.
It is called In Bloom and it is first rate.
Check out A Cupcake for the Teacher's blog post about this lesson.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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