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Are you trying to find that perfect gift for an SLP grad? And have you asked your graduate what speech therapists need? And gotten this response? "Mom, my degree is in Communication Disorders and I'm an SLP, not a speech therapist, because the L is for Language which I will work with but no one knows that, AND the P is for Pathologist and I'm definitely using that after surviving grad school. Oh, but first I'll be a CF - that's a Clinical Fellow - because I have to be supervised by a mentoring SLP my first year". And all you really want is a simple answer but now you're very confused.

Well, guess what?!? You've come to the right place!
 All Y'all Need
I've got a few ideas that your graduate will love!
The first year after getting a Master's in Communication Disorders is called the Clinical Fellowship. ASHA has some pretty strict guidelines. When I started supervising a CF last year, I needed an organizer. There are currently two versions of The Organizational Binder for The ASHA Clinical Fellowship at All Y'all Need - a fun color version and an ink-saving B&W version. Just print out, put in a binder, and both the CF and mentor can fill it out during the year! So much easier to keep track of everything than random notes!

Another item that I've been using for years is a set of printable checklists. Teachers see me in the hallway and remember that they have a student - or two or five - that they want me to listen to. I'm not going to remember a hallway chat. But I can give teachers these checklists for PK, Kg, 1st and 2nd grades. They are a starting point for me and allow me to document requests, conversations and follow-up. The checklists are our best-selling items, and all four now come in a money-saving bundle! Just buy on TpT, download, and print!

Several years ago, a wonderful principal gave me a box of sticky notes in assorted sizes. It was one of  my favorite gifts ever. SLPs will be using big sticky notes for lists, medium sticky notes for notes, and flag sticky notes for signatures. Trust me - your grad can never have too many sticky notes!

SLPs need bags. Lots of bags, and good bags. Enter 31 Bags. I have been at a Head Start where three of us had the same bag - the utility tote! It's sturdy, holds test kits and lots of materials, and they are really cute! (Especially with monograms).

For some bling, let's talk lanyards. Origami Owl lets you choose your own charms, and there are quite a few for SLPs! The picture shows my necklace with the autism heart, I Love You in sign language, apple, and lips. Other possibilities are the To Go Coffee Cup and school bus charms. You could also buy crystals in school colors or look at the animal charms for mascots.

For even more ideas, click on the links below! And for SLPs linking up -  post about 5-7 gifts ideas you think a new SLP should have and use the graphic above and link back to this post - thanks!

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