The Fib Revealed! 2 Facts and A Fib Blog Hop

The 2 Facts and A Fib Blog Hop was so much fun! I loved learning more about everyone, and I hope you enjoyed it, too. Kelly from Speech2U was the mastermind behind the idea, so be sure to visit her site! And now…..

A) My brush with fame - Vivian Baker, the mother of George Eads (actor from CSI) was my principal and then superintendent. This is a FACT! Dr. Baker was the first principal who actually observed me doing therapy. She is a smart tough cookie, and I learned so much from her.
B) On the way to TSHA, my co-workers and I were talking instead of following directions. I drove right through Dallas and had to turn around to get to the hotel and convention center. This was before Siri. This is the FIB! Although this is something I would be likely to do, I actually ended up right at the Dallas hotel with no U turns! (The fib is based on a true-life story involving Amy, and if you ask nicely, she might tell you how she ended up in the concierge room.)
C) I literally dropped out of ski school, or I guess dropped down, when I fainted. And - I wasn't the only one in my family to get altitude sickness! FACT! We thought it would be a good family trip, skiing. We signed up for ski school. Two people in the class got sick. Then, I fainted - and while my husband was taking care of me, he looked up to see my daughter fainting. Next time, I'll keep the table in the lodge or warm up hot chocolate in the cabin.
So… did you guess everyone's fibs? Be sure to find out if you are the winner of the $50 Amazon gift card at Speech Universe!

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